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MyApartment is free for the first 3 months, so you have nothing to lose by signing up and seeing what we have to offer. If you need help we'll talk you through getting up & running and we can make it even easier for you by adding all your information for you!

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MyApartment (UK) Ltd.
Company No. 06573245

About Us

We are a small company dedicated to improving the experience of living in and managing apartment buildings.

In 2011 a group of people, who had lived in and managed apartment buildings, came together to pool their ideas and experience of how things could be done better. We were fed up of dealing with problems caused by residents who, through no fault of their own, didn't know basic information about the apartment building they now called home. Too much time was being spent by managing agents and letting agents resolving issues that weren't their responsibility and other residents and managing committees were having to deal with the consequences of ill informed residents. The result was MyApartment, an online system that allowed anyone living in an apartment building to know everything they needed to know about living there.

Our mobile friendly software gave information to people when they needed it - as soon as they moved in before they had their broadband connected! We wanted to give residents the answer to everything they needed to know when they first moved in and for the future years they stayed. We wanted to allow apartment owners to have access to all the documents they needed in one place.

We gave managing agents the knowledge of who the tenants were that were living in the blocks they managed. And we gave them a way to contact them if they needed to. We made document sharing easy, secure and cheap. We've provided an affordable way to develop a promotional website for residential apartment buildings and given developers a useful tool to offer their future residents.

Over 5,000 users and growing

In the intervening years we have grown and learned from the thousands of users who have registered and used MyApartment. Our latest website is simpler, more user friendly and contains as much useful information as you (or we) can add. We always want to speak to more people to hear how we can refine our product, so why not join us and become one of the many apartment buildings already using MyApartment.