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MyApartment - Sample Apartment London

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MyApartment is free for the first 3 months, so you have nothing to lose by signing up and seeing what we have to offer. If you need help we'll talk you through getting up & running and we can make it even easier for you by adding all your information for you!

How It Works

If you are involved with residential apartment buildings then MyApartment is for you

MyApartment is an online apartment building management system developed by people with experience of living in and managing residential apartment buildings. Initially designed for managing committees and managing agents, MyApartment benefits tenants, owner occupiers, landlords and letting agents & property developers too.

Managing Committees and Residents

Living in an apartment building, sharing communal space and having joint responsibility for the successful running of a building isn't easy. MyApartment was developed to make your job as a management committee easier and to improve the experience of living in an apartment building for all residents.

Providing information through MyApartment gives new residents access to information as soon as they move in and can prevent them making mistakes or forming habits that can negatively effect their neighbours. Our document repository means resident and committee members can get key documents as and when they need them from one central place.

Managing Agents

MyApartment has a user friendly interface for uploading documents and information that anyone familiar with a web browser will be able to use. You can share documents and information with all residents of an apartment or choose to share with a specific group only, such as tenants, owner occupiers or landlords. Next time a resident calls you up to ask for a document or answer to a question, you can simply direct them to MyApartment, without the need for your staff to spend their time to find the information.

We provide you with a directory of residents, so you know who is living in an apartment and we provide a means for you to communicate with all, or groups of, residents by email.

We are always happy to speak to you, or come and visit you to demonstrate MyApartment and we can provide a white labelled product if that meets your requirements. If you manage more than 5 apartment buildings we have a flexible pricing solution to suits your needs.


MyApartment acts as a document repository for storing everything someone moving into a newly built apartment building would need to know. As an example, upload the manual for a boiler once and everyone who moves into that building will have access to it. No more need to produce hard copy welcome binders. Being able to add useful contacts, frequently asked questions as well as handy local information provides incoming residents with the confidence they can get answers easily and smooth’s the moving in process.

We can also design a marketing website for your development and integrate it with MyApartment, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Letting Agents

We know that you are, very often, the first port of call for tenants who want to know something about an apartment building. And we know that your expertise is knowing about their apartment and that you can’t be expected to know everything about every building you have tenants in. Using MyApartment can give you all that information at your fingertips or lets you direct tenants to find that information themselves saving you time and effort.